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This is the third part of our escapades in Puerto Galera. The past two days were eventful but not compared on what happened during Black Saturday. We did a mini photo shoot at the roof top of White Beach resort and the pictures turn out well. We watched and recorded the fire dance presentation. Finally we hit the waves and enjoyed the beach and involved ourselves with a little raffle with prizes out of the ordinary. We partied all night long at Mikko’s Bar and we all got drunk and did things I could’ve never imagined we are capable of. And without further adieu here is our story.

Day 3 April 23, 2011 (Black Saturday)

It was early morning and I have a massive headache because of the hangover dealt by Tanduay Ice and Mindoro Sling. Most of my friends are already up and taken their breakfast. Luckily Hanz haven’t had his breakfast yet so I asked him to go with me. I had rice chao fan of Chowking, I’m really starving and I think Hanz just had buko shake from Fruitas.

When we came back they are just fooling around and exchanging jokes and remembering the things that we did last night especially the 7 Waterfalls sessions. Derick then suggested that we take pictures of ourselves since we have only a day to take snapshots of our memory here in Galera. In preparation for the pictorial, Euan wore his red contact lens that several times irritated his eyes. The red contact lens created an effect of vampire look on Euan so I decided to take pictures of him coming out from the closet for an eerie look but it turned out really funny because of the poses he made. Me, Hanz, James, Euan, and Derick decided to take it to another level by taking pictures on the rooftop where the sun radiates scorching heat but it is the perfect place to take our out of this world poses hahaha! I think it was around 12nn or 1pm. Enzo and Ton don’t feel like joining us because they are still sleepy so we went to the rooftop. We started to take pictures and it was fun. Hanz finally had his chance to execute his winning pose that he researched on the Internet. And for me I was able to do a jump shot that is really cool. Derick’s camera is really something, that’s the first time I held a camera that can zoom in 30x and it is without zooming lens. Hanz’s camera on the other hand is ok… End of sharing hahahaha!!! After the photo shoot we went back to the room. We just waited around 3pm so that we can head to the beach and have our yearly ritual, the Banana Boating.

In the afternoon we decided to hit the beach. There are a lot of people gathered around different booths, I guess they making the most out of their trip as well. While we are waiting for our turn in riding the Banana Boat we hang out in the booth of EZ and Frenzy. A man there tried to sell us a bag of goodies. It has towel, baller wrist band, some condoms and EZ, in these bags there is a piece of heart that will be used for the raffle later. If these hearts matches any of the heart tattooed on the models then we will win a thousand pesos and added gift packs. Hanz and Euan purchased each. Then it’s our turn for the Banana Boat. Unfortunately we have other people coming with us since there are only seven of us and the capacity of the boat is 10 so they need to fill those slots. I even remembered what Hanz said that we need to be careful for the three strangers are overweight hahaha! So we get on the boat and it started towing us towards the vast sea. It is really beautiful when you are looking at Puerto Galera in this view. The clean blue water keeps on splashing on our faces, the cool breeze of the wind can be felt through the skin, and the wave are just in rhythm… while in this thought the Speedboat pulling us makes a sharp turn and then suddenly we started flipping to the water. I know I kicked someone but I didn’t pay attention because we are laughing so hard we barely felt the pain when somebody hit you or goes over you, it’s just those moment that you want to laugh and laugh and laugh making you weak and you can’t barely get on the Banana Boat again. The speedboat did it two more times and we are totally exhausted. It lasted more than 25 minutes but it is worth it.

After riding the Banana Boat we hang out at the beach and we took a few more pictures for souvenirs. We also saw Aljheal and Oliver on the sand. There is already music playing and then Aljheal saw me dancing he challenged me for a dance showdown on the beach. We kept on laughing at each other and Hanz saw the showdown and it was crazy, we are making all sorts of movement and Aljheal kept on taunting me to give more but I had enough hahaha. We walked around the beach and watched a few people playing volleyball. While they are watching I decided to stay in the water for a while then I noticed something floating a shore. I grabbed it, fortunately it is not shit, it’s a thousand pesos. Hahaha I said to myself we will have a very good time later. I took a few pictures of the sunset and it was amazing, although it reminded me of the coming end of our vacation. We head back to our room and ready ourselves for the last party of our whole Galera trip.

We decided to eat first at Manalo’s Restaurant. While we are on our way we saw the fire dancers performing. I asked for Derick’s camera and caught their performance on video. After filming the fire dance we went ahead and finished our dinner. After eating we watched Choknat and other standup comedian. They are hosting the show sponsored by Frenzy and EZ. We stayed and watched for a while and we had fun. Some of the phrases that I will never forget are “Pabona ng Taon” and “1, 2 ready”. Now the show is almost done when Choknat announced that the last raffle is for those who have halves of the hearts, she asked them to come on stage and check if it matches the one tattooed on the models. Euan and Hanz hesitated to come up the stage having a fear of being insulted in front of many people. So I asked for the heart and go on stage, luckily it is a match and we won an extra 1000 pesos plus goodies.

We headed to Mikko’s Bar to enjoy our last night and we are planning drink and party till we drop. We saw Ateh and asked for a table and she immediately gave us a good spot. There is loud music, beautiful people everywhere and of course booooozeee!!! It is our night to unwind, to leave all problems behind and party… and I really mean party haaarrrddd!!! During the night we saw friendly faces, there’s Ian, Aljheal and Oliver, Allen, Kiko, Jeff and few more friends. Drink dance and enjoy, we literally knock ourselves out. After a few drinks it is as if the liquor is not getting into me but after a few more shots it finally hit me… BIG TIME!!! I was so drunk that I have very little memory of what happened that night. All I can remember is that, I talked to a couple and I really don’t know what I am saying and I remembered his partner telling me “Are you aware that you are talking to my partner”, I think I replied “Well the hell I care, I am not hitting on your partner”, then I left. One more thing, Hanz told me that a barangay council stopping me in throwing chairs. And then the inevitable happened, I threw up so many times that even my friends almost got into a fight when a girl tried to ridicule me. Haha I am just so lucky that they are there to carry me back to our room. Really I’ve never been so drunk in my life, only in Galera hahaha. Well that finally ended our last night in Puerto Galera and there is no moment that I regret.