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I am sure many of us already know who Casey Haynes is. He was the bullied student that fought back and body slams his tormentor. The video of what he did to Ritchard Gale (the bully) became a sensation and viral. For many of us he is the “HERO” that had enough and fought back, stood for himself and defended himself from the bullies from his school.

According to the report, Ritchard Gale and his gang were looking for someone to humiliate and thought Casey Haynes would be an easy target. A gentle giant that they constantly bully around school. On that particular day they have decided to go public, record the incident and brag about it in a wider audience. They surrounded him and started taunting him and calling him names. Ritchard grabbed Casey by the collar and punch him in the face. Casey felt not only the pain of the strike but psychologically he’s shattered inside, the humility, the embarrassment. The younger fellow started to again taunt and toy around his victim, throwing a few jabs that landed on Casey’s body. Richard’s friends were laughing and cheering for him giving him the confidence to show off more. Then finally all hells break loose, Casey lunged and catch his bully off guard wrapping his arms around his body and with a mighty strike, he body slams his tormentor. Ritchard hitting the ground with a shaking force. Realizing what happened Casey knew the fight is over and he walked away.

This is the video of the said incident:

After the video was posted on YouTube and was viewed all over the world, a lot of people were inspired of his story. Casey became an instant icon of courage and fortitude. An exclusive interview with Casey by Channel 9 Australia told his story.

Now if Casey is the “HERO”, obviously Ritchard is the “VILLAIN”. His actions can be considered a mistake of massive proportion. He also became a celebrity alright, but not in a nice way. He was hated all over the world. An interview shows how miserable he is after the incident happened.

New videos were posted on YouTube , the boy who recorded the video supported Ritchard’s claims that he was the one being abused. Even though on his initial interview he said he is not sorry, in the end he admitted his actions and apologize to Casey.

In my own personal opinion, stopping violence with violence is just so wrong. These are just normal kids that live normal lives and being sensationalized by the media. People tends to favor the underdogs because when they triumph on something its inspiring and encouraging. But this is not a competition between the bully and the victim. They will face a tougher world being criticized and being labeled. I think its about time to teach them to forgive each other. Teach them to accept and admit their mistakes. Learn to respect people and themselves.

Here are some links if you want to support Casey Haynes

Working in a call center really has it perks like high salary, air conditioned office, comfortable working environment, free (but limited) internet access, 2 days off, night shift (night differential pay), monthly bonus, and a lot more. But these benefits wouldn’t be worth it if your not enjoying working with your co-workers and i quote my team lead’s expressions “We joined for things..but we stay for people!”, and this is very true. What i like best in working with these people is that no matter how stressful your job is they always find a way to lighten up your day.

Even in a very difficult day and when i say difficult i am pertaining to grandma or grandpa calls, 1000 calls waiting (exaggerated!), irate callers, tools crashing down… well you get the picture, those were the days that you will feel upset, down, and unmotivated, one of the best way to shake down this feelings is to get a good laugh with your co-workers. We go out or gather around share and ridicule stories of our bloopers during a call. I have compiled some of the funniest call center bloopers I’ve ever heard hope you like it too.

TSR: Thank you for calling Dish Network my name is John, may i have your name starting with the area code please!
CX: Huh?

Pinoy TSR Troubleshooting
TSR: Alright Mr. Customer open Control Panel
CX:  What’s that?
TSR: Click mo dyan!!!
CX:  What?
(realized he used Tagalog)
TSR: Ohhh i’m so sorry to call you John

CX: I would like to know how much would it cost me to add HBO?
AGENT1: Well sir the ballpark figure for adding that channel would be around $10
( AGENT2 overheard what AGENT1 said to the customer )
CX: Please add Star Movies and Fox, how much is it?
AGENT2: Sir the bonapart figure might be around $20
( AGENT1 heard what AGENT2 said and he asked )
AGENT1: Anong bonapart?
AGENT2: Bonapart!!! Ginamit mo rin yung word. Estimated number??? di ba iyon yun?
AGENT1: Shunga!!! Ballpark figure yun! Napoleon Bonapart! May giyera?

Agent1: to verify sir, your e-mail address is R for Romeo, A for apple , Y for…for Wyoming…..

Agent2: let me verify your email that’s A as in apple, P as in peter, Q for… Q for Cucumber….

Agent3: so that’s P as in Peter, E as in Eter, T as in Ter, E as in ER, R as in RRrrrrrr!!!

Agent: Thank you for calling, this is Bambi speaking, how may I help you?
Customer: Who is this again?
Agent: Bambi sir
Customer: who?
Agent: Bambi sir, you know the lost deer.

Agent: Thank you for calling, this is Dyna speaking, how may I assist you?
Customer: What your name?
Agent: Dyna sir
Customer: Speak clearly!
Agent: (annoyed voice) Its DYNA SIR!!!
Customer: Dinosaur?

Agent: Thank you for calling, my name is Lexie, how may I help you?
Customer: Do you speak Spanish?
Agent: Lo siento, pero yo no hablo español, let me transfer you to our Spanish speaking agent.
Customer: You don’t speak Spanish?
Agent: Si… (Si-Sipain kita jan eh!)

Interviewer: What is the last movie that you saw?
Applicant: Uhm… The Italian Job
Interviewer: Ok can you tell me what the story is all about?
Applicant: Ah… its about a job…in Italy… … … may I go out?