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You are alone in a room doing the normal things that you do, then suddenly a slight chill run at the back of your neck, you feel that your head is growing bigger and bigger, you then feel your spine is tingling and hair on your arms started to stand up. You know someone or something is behind you, and then you slowly turn your head trying to take a glimpse on what you think is an entity. On your peripheral vision you knew there is something staring right behind you. Then when you look around… there is no one. I know one way or another you’ve experienced this or know someone who did. Now if you’re in the same situation and when you look back, a figure of a woman all dressed up in white with blood all over her while her long black hair covers most of her face, would you freak out?!? Hell yeah!!!

Yes I am talking about Ghost. The Filipino term for ghost is Multo from the Spanish word muerte meaning dead. The definition of a ghost – an apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image. Some says multo came back to earth to complete an unfinished task, that they don’t know that they are dead, or take revenge, it may return because of in improper burial or an unusually violent death or suicide. Nobody really knows why they exist and what their purpose in this world but is one is definitely a fact… THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!

Now I will be focusing on Multo stories that I’ve heard personally because if you are going to search the web there are hundreds and thousands of stories that you can read. Even though I am not sensitive or a psychic I have a few good stories and experiences of my own with these kind topics.


This story is from my grandmother that passed away several years ago. We are still living in an ancestral house at Tanza, Cavite and the house is really old. The architectural design was inspired by Spanish era with capiz slide windows and marble staircase. We also have a mini-garden at the back of our house filled with greenery. We have lots and lots of plants and trees growing in our backyard. In the backyard we have a small nipa hut where we stay to relax or take our snack during hot afternoons. According to my grandmother she was outside the house gathering washed clothes from the clothesline around 6 o’clock pm. Then she noticed someone is at our backyard wearing white shirt and red skirt. My grandmother was a certified obnoxious so seeing someone trespassing our property and it would definitely get her attention. She decided to come closer and take a look closer to identify the lady in red skirt. She noticed that the lady is dancing back and forth in a silent music that as if she’s the only one that can hear. Then finally she decided to confront her but as she walks closer to the figure she noticed rather unusual. Her face cannot be identified as if it is blank, her white shirt is covered in blood, and the most shocking feature of the lady in red skirt is that her feet is not touching the ground. Then suddenly the lady in red skirt finally noticed that my grandma is there all of a sudden she vanishes in thin air. Some of neighbors claimed that they also saw the lady in red skirt in our backyard.


This story was told by my team lead in my present job. Our building is one of the oldest buildings in Valero located in Makati Philippines. It is a 7 story building but we usually occupy the third floor. It is a call center by the way. One night our shift starts at 9 o’clock pm but my team lead usually comes early to updates our daily stats and answers some emails. It was around 7 or 8 in the evening and agents are not allowed to use the stations on the third floor because we follow a seat plan and the 4th floor stations are the first to be occupied. My team lead fond of using the third floor supervisor station goes on with his usual stuff. He always plays loud music using his phone to nullify the silence of the whole 3rd floor. There are a few people and supervisors on the third floor but my team lead is stationed at the isolated area at the west corner so the music is not that bothering. My team lead is busy updating our stats then suddenly on his phone while the music is playing a tiny laugh was heard on his phone as if it was giggling. The giggling sound grew louder and louder as the music comes to an end. My team lead was startled and plays the song back because he knew that it is not a part of music. When he played the song it is still there the eerie giggling as if a child is laughing over the music. He then asked other team leads to listen to the sound and they also heard it. When we came around 9pm he asks us to listen to the music and to the sound of the eerie laugh it was gone. The music plays smoothly and no other sounds were heard. My team leader and even the others that heard the laughing sound was wonder-struck. Then he then told us more stories about the building and the stories of the guards that roam the area. That they also heard the laughing sound and sometimes the chairs will just roll without anyone touching them.


This story is from my friend that happened when he encounters a multo in the men’s comfort room. It is his break time and decided to use the men’s comfort room to take a leak. When he entered the room no one was in sight so he then went to the nearest urinal and started his business. Then a flush from a toilet echoed the comfort room so he thought someone is using the cubicle and just ignored it. When the cubicle opened he waited for the person using that cubicle to come out. When the door of the cubicle went open he is shocked that there is no one inside that cubicle. He then started to feel uneasy and discomfort. He closed his eyes and prayed nothing will happen to him. He then heard the door of the comfort room opened so he was relieved that someone is there but the next thing happened he just wished that he didn’t opened his eyes… a very old man with ripped clothes and glaring angry eyes is at his side then told him “BAKIT MO GINAGAMIT ANG CR KO?” (why are you using my comfort room?)  Then pushed him at the back and he hit the urinal where he is urinating and then the old man went to the cubicle and vanished. My friend went outside screaming.