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Here is the second installment of our trip to Puerto Galera. Nothing much happened on the first day but the second day is more eventful. We will be exploring Jurassic cave and know more about its rich background. I will discuss on how to bargain for really good souvenir items and novelties. Lastly, I will share to you and introduce a drinking game called 7 Waterfalls.

Day 2 April 22, 2011 (Good Friday)

It was 10 am in the morning and I am awakened by the sound of Euan’s voice, they are already awake. I don’t know what they are talking about because I am half awake. I am still drowsy and lack sleep, maybe because I went to bed a little late last night because I hang out a bit longer in the beach with Oliver and Aljheal while having a couple of drinks. Anyway, I overheard that they are talking about someone being caught on Jurassic. For those who don’t know, Jurassic is a part of Puerto Galera can be found way beyond the rocky beaches on west side if you’re facing the beach. Now the controversial part is that during night-time, many of the homosexuals staying in Galera are using the cave to meet and exercise sexual intercourse while inside the cave. I would like to hear more about the barangay officials arresting that homo but I am starving so I asked them if they had breakfast. Derick and Euan just had fruit shakes and most of us are already hungry so I went up and prepped myself and we headed to Manalo’s Restaurant.

Toooon Tulog!!!

At Manalo’s we enjoyed the free Wi-Fi, at first we didn’t know that there is an available wireless connection up until Hanz brought his iPad and started tapping away. We are able to update our status on facebook, emails, and shared some pictures too. The food at Manalo’s were amazing, their home-made fried chicken is very tasty, crunchy on the outside but soft and flavorful in the inside. They also made awesome soups and salads especially the side dish made from carrots, cabbages, onions, and dressings it was to die for. Some of us ordered pork kebob and grilled squids. The feast is just mouth-watering and on top of it the prices is so damn affordable.

Most of us headed back to room because they cannot bear the heat outside but for Hanz and me it is another opportunity to bargain with merchants of the souvenir shops. It’s quite easy to get good items in a cheaper price. You just need to know how to play along with the merchants and eventually their prices will start sliding down. Example, if the t-shirt with Puerto Galera print are priced as 120 pesos, you can still cut this up to 90 to 100 pesos by mentioning that the same design is sold lower on the other booth. A little acting that you would go back to the other store will do the trick and I assure you the prices will start sliding down.  After a little shopping we went back to the room to get some more sleep but on our way back I saw this beautifully hand painted henna tattoo at the back of a guy. It was a pair of wings and said to Hanz that I would like to have the same. Hanz disapproved it for it will only itch and turn nasty when it is about to be erased and besides if henna get into our bed covers I’ll be paying a fine of more than 1000 pesos so I agreed.

In the afternoon we still don’t feel like swimming at the beach so we’ve decided to play 2 Hits (tong-its with bets) a common card game played by gamblers here in the Philippines. After a few rounds it started to get boring then I remembered that Derick and I bought a bottle on Grand Matador brandy last night thinking of getting a drink in our room right after the sounds were halted by barangay officials. We didn’t have the opportunity to drink it so I challenged them to a game of 7 Waterfalls. For the description and rules about this game click HERE! We have so much fun and game was really exciting, too bad Hanz missed it because he need to do something but still it was a blast. After drinking half of the brandy we decided to stop and call it quits because almost all of us are already tipsy. So we rested a while and then prepare ourselves to go out in our second beach party night. That night we decided to eat somewhere else near the booth of C2. The food doesn’t taste as good as Manalo’s but it was edible enough to fill our stomach.

Since most of us are already tired and slightly intoxicated we spent much of our time watching television. American idol, Glee, and Prince of Persia are being televised. Some of us including me quickly drowsed off and rested for a while. At exactly 12 midnight, my friends woke me up so I hurriedly fix myself only to know that there are still no bars playing music anywhere. I even envied our neighbors on the other side of the resort because they have their own sound system, strobe lights, and loud music as if they have their very own private party.

We went outside and to our surprise is almost pitch black and dead silent. The only thing that you can hear is the loud chit-chat of people trying to enjoy themselves despite that there is no loud music playing. Although drinking was allowed it is not the same, unlike last year where everybody party wildly at the beach and the bar. With that scene we decided to continue playing 7 Waterfalls but this time we are going to do it at the beach and we will be drinking Mindoro Sling. Even without sounds we had a lot of fun and we just enjoyed each other’s company. We also saw Ian, he’s our friend long time ago that we rarely see, he introduced us to some of his friends. After a few more drinks we decided to head back to our room and rest. We enjoyed the night but still we are very disappointed to the way the management in Galera prevented us from having a good night fun. – End of day 2.

People drink because it is one of the common ways of socializing. More commonly people drink to experience the after effect of the alcohol, it makes them confident and relaxed. Whatever reason why we are drinking it is always best to drink in moderate to enjoy the most out of it. Well, I know one way of enjoying while drinking and that is by playing a card game. This game was introduced to me by my ex lover way back when we visited Pampanga when we were invited to experience Christmas there by one of my housemates. The game was so funny and so enjoying that we easily get a hang of it. The game is called “7 Waterfalls”. It is also known as King’s Cup or King’s Card Game or Ring of Fire.

Popularized by the universities of Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, and USA, it has been one of the favorite drinking card games of all.

What are needed?

  • Deck of Cards
  • 7 or more players
  • Alcoholic beverages such as wines, beer, or mixed spirits
  • Cups

What is the setup?

  • The group of drinkers will sit in a circular position
  • The cards will be shuffled and will be placed in the middle
  • Each member of the group will have their own cups filled with alcoholic beverages
  • Each member will then draw a card on top of the deck and depending on what type of card everyone must participate in the instructions corresponding to the drawn card
  • After each turn the cups are filled again with booze

What are the rules? (iamdarky’s version)

Ace (I have the power) – The player who drew the card assigns someone to take a drink

2 (Two for you) – The player who drew the card assigns someone sitting across to take a drink (that would be the player’s drink and his own drink), if in case there would be conflict between the person sitting across the player who drew the card must choose 1 only

3 (Three for me) – The player who drew the card is the only one who’s going to take a drink

4 (For the whore) – All women drink

5 (Make your own rule) – The player who drew the card can create any rule and if someone breaks the rule, that person that breaks the rule will drink. Example: Anyone who swears or uses a curse word has to drink; anyone who touches the table has to drink.

6 (Six for the Sticks/Dicks) – All men drink

7 (Seven Waterfalls) – To perform a “Waterfall”, each player starts drinking their beverage, depending on the direction of the game (whether you are picking cards clockwise or counterclockwise). No player can stop drinking until the player before them stops drinking.

8 (Eight for Mate) – All participants must drink

9 (Lucky Nine) – All participants must drink except for the player who drew this card

10 (Sing my song) – The player who drew the 10 sings a phrase, then the players go around in the circle singing the phrases that starts with the ending of the phrase of the previous player. No song may be sung twice, the first player who cannot come up with a song, or sings a phrase that doesn’t rhyme must drink.

Jack (Catergory) – The player who drew the jack picks a category such as “animal name starting with E” or “brand of television,” the players then go around in the circle saying items from that category, the first player who cannot think of an item or says something not in the category (or if all items have been exhausted) must drink

Queen (Answer a question with a question) – The player begins by turning to a random person in the group and asking a question. That player must then turn to someone else and ask a different question. If the person does not ask a question (responds), cannot think of a question quickly, don’t mention the name of the player being asked, or repeats a question, they must drink.

King (Community Cup) – An empty cup is placed in the middle of the table. Whenever a king is drawn, that person pours some of his or her drink to the community cup. When the fourth king is drawn, that person must chug the contents of the community cup.

Of course any drinking games have its own variations and it’s up to you to make your own variations of rules. Some people have completely different rules for the cards drawn. As long as everyone knows what the cards mean before the game starts, then it doesn’t matter what rules are being used.

Now in the next time that your party started to get boring, try this game out. It’s ideal for bonding moments with your friends, officemates, team building, occasions, or just by hanging out. Just bear in mind that drinking comes with responsibility and you should limit your drinking to moderate. Never drink and drive.