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Who can ever say no to the taste of homemade Chicharon? It is a Filipino delicacy made from pork, chicken, or beef skin deep fried in oil or pork lard seasoned with MSG (mono sodium glutamate and salt). It is served best with vinegar with garlic usually eaten as an appetizers or “pulutan” (beer food). Tasty and crunchy, this is how a chicharon is usually described but what if I tell you that those are not the only variety of words that fits this category.

March 26, 2011, the GMA7 documentary show Imbestigador exposed yet another disgusting way of handling processed foods. They went undercover and recorded videos of stomach turning and unsanitary way of preparing one of Filipino’s most loved snacks, the Chicharon. In this video you can see how the pork rinds and fats are prepared on dirty floors. Workers used meat unfit for human consumptions. The tools being used are contaminated by dead insects, animal feces, and all sorts of crap. The oil being used to cook the animal fats is as dark as used motor oil.

Still hungry? Well I recommend you watch this video and think twice the next time your craving for Chicharon. :p