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My Perfect Summer Story

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Perfect World

I joined a short story writing contest about summer romance based on the online game Perfect World. I was able to create a good story but I don’t think it’s a winning piece but anyway I enjoyed writing it and hopefully you’ll like it.

Title: A Summer to Remember

Long time ago, right before the alliance of four kingdom of Pangu was made, a story that was passed down from generation to generation. A story filled with passion, hatred and love.

It all started with the clash of the two clans that dominated the land. The Sirens, the race of people with the ability to wield magical instruments and uses their voice to distract enemies, they also have the ability to heal just by singing a magical incantations from the ancient teachings of Bethanus. These beings love peace and fight only to protect themselves.
And then the Santokou clan, blade masters and expert in the field of hand to hand combat. Their main goal is to colonize and conquer lands to expand their territory. It was early dawn and there was a complete silence. No one expected that something horrible is going to take place. From the sky, a flaring arrow is fast descending, reaping the darkness and cold breeze of the wind, and it struck the earth, and it has begun. The arrow was the signal for the Santokou to attack, all out assault, all hands on deck. It was easy for the front liners to penetrate the village’s defenses for the Sirens were never expecting the attack. Some of the Sirens manage to push back and fight using their piercing voices to distract the enemies and take them down using bows and arrows. Realizing that they are no match to the magical voices of the Sirens, the Santokou’s artillery started to bombard them with petrifying fumes. Toxic gasses immediately spread out all through the village. Those unfortunate Siren warriors that inhaled the fumes immediately turned to stone. That situation brought the remaining lines of defense vulnerable for they cannot sing because once they open their lips it would mean instant death for them. Soon enough the whole village was occupied. It was a total lost, the village was burnt to ashes, and many of the Sirens are either petrified or injured. No prisoners were held but one, the chief of the village’s daughter Lirea, she possess the beauty no other that even the most barbaric warrior will be tamed with just the glimpse of her attractiveness. The general placed a cursed choker on Lirea’s neck to seal her voice to prevent her from using her power.

General Dilon brought Lirea to the Santokou village where she was presented as the war trophy from the recent invasion. The army was greeted upon arrival by the son of the general second in command, Lucian. He also noticed Lirea and he was overwhelmed by her enchanting beauty. Lirea was escorted to a chamber where she was held. The villagers rejoiced and celebrated for their new accomplishment while Lirea sealed herself in the oblivion of sorrow for the loss of her people and soon enough she fell ill.
He stood by her side from morning till dawn taking care of her, One night Lirea was having a dream where her father calling up for her and telling her to forgive the people who caused her so much pain and sadness and fight for surviva. He also warned her in the upcoming disaster the village of Santokou. By the time she wakes up she saw a man on the side of the bed looking up for her.

Lirea saw a sincerity and deep sympathy from Lucian’s eyes, she took the word of her father in her dreams, she ate to regain strength and think of a way to free herself from the grasp of General Dilon. She likes Lucian, he is different, and unlike his father Lucian possesses compassion and sincerity.

Days passed and she felt a lot better, thanks to Lucian’s care, one day Lucian asked Lirea to come with him, Lirea just smiled as sign of acknowledging his invitation. So they went on and travel by foot into the place where Lucian value so much. It was a lake where butterflies flocked and where the sun shines it’s most beautiful ray, it is after all the start of the summer. Lirea was relieved to see such gorgeous sight somehow the hatred in her heart subsided and in a split thought, she might be falling for Lucian too. Lucian holds her hands, look her in the eyes and confess his love for her. It was the perfect moment, the shadow of the tall trees swayed as they dance to the rhythm of the wind, the sun’s light reflecting in the water creating beautiful crystal like images that shines all throughout the lake.

Somehow all doubts about this man suddenly vanished in thin air and she nod as a sign of accepting his love. Lucian wrapped his hands around his neck and removed the choker his father placed to seal her of her power. For the first time after being captured she can now speak. As a reply to Lucian’s proposal, Lirea sang a song of love and dedicated it to Lucian. They spent the whole day in the lake. The two headed back home right before the sun sets.

Arriving to the village, the lovers were surprised on what they see. The village is under attack by the soulless headed by King of Dusk. Only then Lirea realized that during summer, her people used to sing an incantation to drive away monsters from their village. It seems the heat of the sun bothered the soulless and provokes them to go in a rampage. Without thinking twice, Lucian unsheathes his sword and started slashing minions of the soulless. King of Dusk is particularly strong and injured almost all of the brave warriors of Santokou. Lucian seeing an opening charged King of Dusk at the back but it was a big mistake for King of Dusk has faces on four sides of his head. Anticipating Lucian the King of Dusk launched powerful sealing spell at him and immediately immobilizing Lucian. King of Dusk head turns and raised his sword and without remorse he hacked Lucian point blank but from a distance it was parried by Lucian’s father. That action makes King of Dusk angrier. A mighty roar descends from heavens and stuns the general and then in a blink of the eye King of Dusk sword pierced into General Dilon’s chest. Lucian was shocked and can’t believe on what has happened, he wanted to help his father but he is still sealed. King of Dusk now turns to Lucian and aimed on finishing him but then suddenly a soft but loud song was heard not from a far. An ancient magical incantation that has been passed down from generation to generation by the Sirens was suddenly the focus of all beings. Lirea is summoning the Lightning God, focusing all her energy into one mighty voice she finally reached the end of the chant, “Fury of the Skies!!!” And then from above multiple bolts of lightning bolts hit King of Dusk electrocuting him dealing massive damage. Lucian finally dispelled by the curse immediately raises his sword and stabbed King of Dusk in the head and killing it. The warrior of the village was able to overcome the remaining monsters and drove them away. Lucian hurriedly attended to his injured father and comforted him. He was badly hurt and lost too much amount of blood, he is weakened. Lucian, confused and don’t know what to do just sob and waited for his father to die. Lirea knows that she could do something, she can heal the general but inside her mind she is hesitating. How could she help the person that caused her so much pain? She paused for a moment and then looks at Lucian’s face, it was sad. She felt awful realizing that she couldn’t be the same person that turned their back on people in times of needs. She also remembered her father’s message. She then began singing, the wounds of the general started to heal, the color of his face immediately turned normal, and he gained consciousness. Lucian was relieved and hugged Lirea thanking her for saving his father.

After a few days, the general was fully healed and the village is finally backed on its feet. Lirea and Lucian decided to be wed with each other. General Dilon acknowledging that, he presented the lovers a gift. The night before the wedding, his father told him about the secret cave where all the petrified Sirens were kept, he also gave his son the “Depetrifier” to restore the stoned Sirens back to their original state. Lucian was so happy and immediately tells his bride about the gift. After their marriage they immediately freed the Sirens from cave and went home to their village where Lucian and Lirea served as the new leaders. From there on the alliance between the two clans was fortified and was never broken. As for the lovers they lived a happy life and always reminiscing the summer where they declared their love for each other.

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