What makes me create this blog is the willingness to share my experiences and newly found information to others. It is not that I want to become the next walking encyclopedia but I find it cool to post your real life experiences on the web where everybody can read about it.

My name is King Jonas, born June 10, 1983 (you do the math for my age), the youngest member of the family. My father passed away a few years ago, my mother is living in Italy with my 3 step siblings (if there’s such a word haha) a stepbrother and two step sisters. My only brother is happily married to a wonderful and caring wife blessed with two adorable daughters, they are living in Cavite where I was also borne.

My childhood years are really not that eventful, just like a normal kid I went to school (Amaya Elementary School) in our hometown, experienced a lot of embarrassing things. I am a shy kid who’s always on the back not making a sound while the teacher is discussing or when my classmates are making noises or doing mischievous things. I was even awarded “Most Behaved Boy” for three consecutive years. High school was different, i was exposed in a lot of extra curricular activities. I don’t like sports, actually I hated it, don’t get me wrong I like playing them but not to a point of making it a hobby or a profession. I liked dancing more, I even became a part of a dance troop called “Prime Movers” during my 4th year stay in high school.

I finished bachelor degree in computer science at STI College Bacoor, I shouldn’t have because all things I’ve learned from that school could easily self studied, if I could only turn back time I should gotten a course in Customs Administration but due to financial constraints it would be impossible for me to finish that course but anyway so much for regrets. The only advantage of my course is that I was able to equip myself with computer knowledge. I love computer games and I am enjoy playing Perfect World, an MMORPG  released by Level Up games here in the Philippines. And I also enjoyed playing computer games that test my reaction, knowledge, and logic.

I am now living alone and renting an apartment in Pasig. I am currently working in a call center in Makati. I can say that I am pretty contented on what I have right now and I can see myself still doing this in the next two to three years. I am planning in managing a small business in the near future and hopefully that would be sufficient to provide for my needs.

Making this blog is like writing a new chapter in my life. I am really excited and thrilled on what is waiting for me in creating this but hopefully everybody will be pleased and also intrigued in what this blog has to offer.

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  1. ramabaktha says:

    Dear King Jonas,
    I really impressed on your attitude towards life, the way you faced is really appreciable I like that man. What I thought is you should come out of loneliness apart from your job and everything. Even though you are surrendered by huge people still you are alone I felt. God is there trust him definitely you will have a bright future as per your expectation. I wish you all success in your career and let the god shower his choicest blessings on you the sweet and real guy I ever faced in my life.

    Yours Friendly,

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