Yue Yue is Dead :(

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Facebook post, Shocking News
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Repost from Facebook:

The Little Foshan Toddler didnt make it.R.I.P YUE YUE

YUE YUE means LITTLE JOY, a 2 years old chinese native. A victim of hit and run last thursday is still fighting for her life in a military hospital. she was reportedly nearly brain dead but showing signs of stability. The Video footage from a CCTV camera of a nearby store was widely spread around the World wide web gaining sympathy and empathy from different races around the Globe. It also raised a debate about Morality of Chinese netizens. The video provoked outrage and soul-searching in China , as many wondered why no one had helped the child except a “good Samaritan” trash collector who moved her bleeding body from the road.

A Deep Sadness struck my heart after seeing the first part of the Video. I wasnt able to finish the whole part as I went hysterically crying as My heart was bleeding through this tragic accident that happened to this little Yue Yue. I just couldnt
imagine how painful it was for her.
I am also a mother of a 1 yr old 3 months old baby girl and I know how hard it could be for Yue Yue’s Mother. I really dont know them personally but I am asking you guys to spend a minute of prayer for the recovery of this little soul as what i always whisper to my Little Girl’s ears “Tell Papa Jesus to save Yue Yue. Tell your Guardian Angel to wake her up”

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If SOME chinese people doesnt have a HEART. We are way way different from them.


By: Evita Sison

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