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Kindly give 3 minutes of your time to check this video. It happened in China whereas a CCTV camera caught how a little girl was hit by a car and nobody bothers to help the poor child.

In this video, the child was hit by a car and I think the driver of the white car noticed that he ran on someone and stopped while the little girl is underneath the car. Instead of checking if someone is hurt, the driver went on and ran over the girl for the second time. Then 3 people saw the child but ignored the child. A truck then came and hit the child on her legs. Then 8 other people saw that kid but didn’t do nothing up until a lady brought the girl to the side of the road and then left. Finally the mother of the child came and saw what happened and rushed the girl to the hospital.

I am not sure what is the government’s policy in China, I’ve heard that if you help someone from an accident you’ll be the one who’s gonna pay for the bills in the hospital. I am not sure if this is true but that is just twisted.

I really felt sorry for the mother of the child and it just broke my heart how heartless people can be. Considering that there is a one child policy in China, It would tear down the mother’s heart to see how her daughter was left to die.

Now locally, a video leaked about how the Guards of SM Pampanga and Policemen left the two teenager to die while they took pictures and videos of the two minors.

Obviously one of the teenager is still alive and moving but what the hell are those policemen and guards doing?!? And what’s the deal with a guy with a DSLR camera… still taking pictures of the two minors.

I really can’t believe there are people who are HEARTLESS!