Inspirational Video – Korea’s Got Talent (Choi Sung Bong)

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Facebook post
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Name: Choi Sung Bong

Rather than say “I sing because I enjoy it, I like singing because it was the first thing I liked after living that dayfly – like life. I’m not a good singer, but i like it.”

These are the words from a 22 years old Korean that joined Korea’s Got Talent. His appearance tells not much but his stunning voice touched the hearts of thousands of viewers. His life story makes his life performance heartbreaking, he was left in an orphanage where he was abused and beaten up. He left the orphanage and lived 10 years of his life in the streets sleeping in stairs and public toilets. He survived by selling gums and energy drinks on the streets.

He was inspired by a vocalist in a club and since then he took vocal lessons. Considering living in the streets without proper education and stable job he manage to pursue his dreams and live his passion for singing. Now behold and ready those hankies coz’ your gonna need it!!!

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