Funny Stuff on the Net 2 (Bathrooms)

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Funny Pics
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  1. hahahahaha….dis was soooo funny..:))

  2. Atif Shahzad says:

    hehehehe nice and beautiful effort, i really appreciate it, also visit
    World Tourism

  3. maricris says:

    he . he. he it so funny , i enjoy it …….

  4. jorge says:

    Ha ha the bathroom signs were funny! ha ha Thanks for sharing.

  5. Stefani says:

    LOL nice! sum are very hilarious, Don’t Choke! LOL!

  6. […] This photo is among some funny ones off this blog post; […]

  7. Arun says:

    nice toilets with nice phosesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  8. Gemma Phelan says:

    lol…loved it! Really funny! And the one about choking…OMG

  9. Scarberry says:

    These are inapprate for the internet, my virgin eyes are burning! you all shoul be ashamed of yourselves for “loving” this. You need God in your lives. Please and thank you

  10. ayistah says:

    nice one! this made me hook up! hahaha

  11. FunkyMonkey says:

    funny!!!! hahaha i cracked up when i saw some of these!!

  12. n@g says:

    very nice

  13. Jillian S says:

    (@Y@) -boobs aka girls 8===D -penis aka guys lol ha

  14. JimBob says:

    Hirariousry hirarious! HAHAHAHA!! 🙂

  15. Jombi says:

    FUNNY 🙂 😀

  16. Kip Falcone says:

    I always read some funny stuffs on the internet. There are also so many facebook pages with funny stuffs and i always bookmark them. ::.:”


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