I can’t put a finger on Uranus! :D

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Facebook post, Funny Videos
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Ray William Johnson is a comedian and YouTube video maker that is famous for his comments on viral videos on the Internet. As of May 2011, his channel is the second most subscribed on YouTube, with over 3.4 million subscribers, and over 900 million video views. Now that got me curious how good this guy really is and I started researching about his works.

He became popular and well known for his quick rise to popularity with his YouTube based internet show =3 (Equals Three). The show runs twice a week and is pretty much a YouTube favorite. He begun airing the show just last year (in April 2009) and quickly became the top subscribed YouTube superstar.  On top of his success he begun a vlog channel called Breaking NYC, a funny annotation of his daily life.

Let’s see some of his works:

1,500,000 + views

7,000,000 + views

Most Viewed with 19,415,717 views


Now after watching those videos I can say that this guy really have talents. He’s like Joel McHale of “The Soup”, both of their craft are pretty entertaining.

Ray William Johnson’s Website



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  2. Lau Machida says:

    Now I understand what the hell does I can’t put a finger on Uranus!!! Hahaha.. Nice one!!! =p

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