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People drink because it is one of the common ways of socializing. More commonly people drink to experience the after effect of the alcohol, it makes them confident and relaxed. Whatever reason why we are drinking it is always best to drink in moderate to enjoy the most out of it. Well, I know one way of enjoying while drinking and that is by playing a card game. This game was introduced to me by my ex lover way back when we visited Pampanga when we were invited to experience Christmas there by one of my housemates. The game was so funny and so enjoying that we easily get a hang of it. The game is called “7 Waterfalls”. It is also known as King’s Cup or King’s Card Game or Ring of Fire.

Popularized by the universities of Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, and USA, it has been one of the favorite drinking card games of all.

What are needed?

  • Deck of Cards
  • 7 or more players
  • Alcoholic beverages such as wines, beer, or mixed spirits
  • Cups

What is the setup?

  • The group of drinkers will sit in a circular position
  • The cards will be shuffled and will be placed in the middle
  • Each member of the group will have their own cups filled with alcoholic beverages
  • Each member will then draw a card on top of the deck and depending on what type of card everyone must participate in the instructions corresponding to the drawn card
  • After each turn the cups are filled again with booze

What are the rules? (iamdarky’s version)

Ace (I have the power) – The player who drew the card assigns someone to take a drink

2 (Two for you) – The player who drew the card assigns someone sitting across to take a drink (that would be the player’s drink and his own drink), if in case there would be conflict between the person sitting across the player who drew the card must choose 1 only

3 (Three for me) – The player who drew the card is the only one who’s going to take a drink

4 (For the whore) – All women drink

5 (Make your own rule) – The player who drew the card can create any rule and if someone breaks the rule, that person that breaks the rule will drink. Example: Anyone who swears or uses a curse word has to drink; anyone who touches the table has to drink.

6 (Six for the Sticks/Dicks) – All men drink

7 (Seven Waterfalls) – To perform a “Waterfall”, each player starts drinking their beverage, depending on the direction of the game (whether you are picking cards clockwise or counterclockwise). No player can stop drinking until the player before them stops drinking.

8 (Eight for Mate) – All participants must drink

9 (Lucky Nine) – All participants must drink except for the player who drew this card

10 (Sing my song) – The player who drew the 10 sings a phrase, then the players go around in the circle singing the phrases that starts with the ending of the phrase of the previous player. No song may be sung twice, the first player who cannot come up with a song, or sings a phrase that doesn’t rhyme must drink.

Jack (Catergory) – The player who drew the jack picks a category such as “animal name starting with E” or “brand of television,” the players then go around in the circle saying items from that category, the first player who cannot think of an item or says something not in the category (or if all items have been exhausted) must drink

Queen (Answer a question with a question) – The player begins by turning to a random person in the group and asking a question. That player must then turn to someone else and ask a different question. If the person does not ask a question (responds), cannot think of a question quickly, don’t mention the name of the player being asked, or repeats a question, they must drink.

King (Community Cup) – An empty cup is placed in the middle of the table. Whenever a king is drawn, that person pours some of his or her drink to the community cup. When the fourth king is drawn, that person must chug the contents of the community cup.

Of course any drinking games have its own variations and it’s up to you to make your own variations of rules. Some people have completely different rules for the cards drawn. As long as everyone knows what the cards mean before the game starts, then it doesn’t matter what rules are being used.

Now in the next time that your party started to get boring, try this game out. It’s ideal for bonding moments with your friends, officemates, team building, occasions, or just by hanging out. Just bear in mind that drinking comes with responsibility and you should limit your drinking to moderate. Never drink and drive.

Four in the morning is the time we’ve decided to meet at the terminal of Buendia. We are all excited to reach our destination that is always a year in the making. Summer destination for every year during Lenten season for us is Galera. It is not the best place you can go for a summer vacation but for us it’s like the perfect place where we can unwind and forget about the life we have in the city. It’s like we are living a whole new world when we are staying here.

Day 1 April 21, 2011 (Maundy Thursday)

We all assembled at KFC Buendia and ate our early morning breakfast. The six of us Hanz, Yuan, Derick, Ton, Enzo and me decided to take the bus bound to Batangas port while James will just follow us there because he is having difficulty getting a bus to Buendia. After a small chit-chat and a few fooling around we stepped into the bus and off we go to Batangas Port. Almost all of us slept during the trip and after almost two hours we’ve arrived in our destination. Just like last year, the management in Batangas port is so unorganized. We are dragged in this very long queue just to get our ticket. It took us almost two hours before we can get into the waiting area where we waited another hour or two before we board the boat. James already caught up with us and there we waited in vain and then finally at 10:30 am we boarded the boat and our trip to Puerto Galera started. As I remember the trip went well at first but when we are already half-way our trip the waves started pounding our boat. Massive waves started to hit and water started to pour into the boat. I can still picture the look on Enzo’s face when salt water splashed down his face hahaha!!!

At noon, we finally arrived in White Beach Puerto Galera. There are already a lot of people sun bathing, eating grilled foods, and swimming in the clear blue waters of the beach. We are all starving but we need to check in first so we went ahead and checked into VM-Resort. Hanz’s PR skills managed to cut our room rent by half, one of his seaman friend paid for the reservation fee, cool eh?!? So we settled in, unpacked and freshen up, some of us bathe because it was so freaking’ hot and almost all of us are sweating even if the air conditioning unit is in full blast.

So we took our late lunch in one of our favorite fast food chain in Galera, “Foodtrip sa Galera”. They offer a variety of dishes. Tapsilog, tocilog, daing na bangus, itlog na pula, sausages, fried chicken, barbecue, sandwiches, and a lot more. And what I love about their meals is that they offer unlimited garlic rice. The prices are affordable too and they are open 24 hours.  On top of it, their waiters and waitresses are so accommodating and attentive, they value good customer service.

After a fulfilling meal, some of us head back to the room to get some rest. I and Hanz decided to start purchasing pasalubong. I personally shopped for myself because I brought too little wardrobe because I am planning on wearing sandos sold in Galera.  After shopping we headed back to the room to take some rest.

We didn’t get in the water on the first day instead we walked around the beach and check out the establishment and booths where we can hang out later. Of course walking in the beach would not be complete without the fruit shake of Fruitas and banana que. We also went to C2 Green Tea’s booth where they premium items just by purchasing their products. There is water pouch, floaters, bottle strap, mini tent, and of course my personal favorite the “poi” (I purchased 2 of these hehehe).

There is also the stage of San Miguel Beer and Tanduay where mini concert are held. The frenzy and EZ lubricant booth where they offer special prizes just buy purchasing. We also manage to see the Take the Test booth promoted by K Brosas too bad though we didn’t get the chance to see her. At the beach a lot of people are playing volleyball, covering each other with sands, building sand castle, sun bathing, dancing, have their hair braided, and having a massage. It’s like we are in total paradise where relaxation is the theme and everywhere there is food… food… FOOOOOOD!!!

Night time, we had our dinner at Manalo’s Restaurant where they serve super tasty crab and corn soup and calamari. We watched a couple of fire poi dancing at the beach. We ready ourselves to party parteeee!!! We headed at Mikkos Bar where we met “Ateh”. Ateh is a gay waitress and she assisted us in getting a good table to have our drink of the dreaded Mindoro Sling. We had a lot of fun, so many people dancing, cheering, and having a good time. We met a couple of familiar faces Aljheal and Oliver enjoying their drinks together with their friends.  The night is so wild, the beach is too crowded, and music is just nirvana. Unfortunately, with respect to the Lenten season the sounds were cut off at 2am in the morning. It is already Good Friday and the barangay officials in Galera directed the bars and establishment to observe silence. Disappointed just like the other crowd just finished our drinks and headed back to our room and call it the day. – End of day 1.